Sunday Salon, Larry Bensky Jan 23, 2000: KPFA vs Pacifica

A McCzar weasal and professional irritant devastates an attempted discussion of gov payments to TV Networks for embedding drugWarrior propaganda into program content. Screaming manBitch tactics/debate by interruption renders the spot unlistenable effectively neutralizing the protest.

Democracy Now
Noam Chomsky reviews the US invasion of South Vietnam in light of the goals expressed and demonstrated by policymakers of the time. Conclusion: the war was abandoned only after it successfully acheived all primary objectives.

Democracy Now

Alliance for Democracy audio page
Speeches/analysis from various activists


.Andrew Weil from the Lindesmith Center
Talks about illicit drugs, stimulants, chocolate, gender chemistry, addiction-withdrawl, ethnobotany and more......

Jan 3 1997

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