8:30 PM CDT, May 30, 2000
US the

cancelled radioShow


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Over the years that UStheFOLKS was on the air, we adhered to the journalistic ethics of realTruth™ mediastic protocols which are the modern standard.

From Mercken
Relieves scrutability, ethichossis and the nagging empathetic symptoms associated with Orwell's Syndrome (1:30)

  Ray Hill, Otis Hardy Maclay, and Mike(BigJesus)Wakefield are sold out to Mercken Pharmaceuticals during Scooter's evil underwriting plot to commercialize Community Radio Personalities, rendering them chronically accessible to a broader demographic.
The Fred & Charlie Shows
Biting Satire
  We did three Fred & Charlie Shows with Alex Feigelson, Rachael Ribble and Robert Plotz. They are biting satires of so-called 'both sides' shows like Crossfire which purport to show both sides, as though there were only two.

     Fred & Charlie - Homosexuality (7:17)


Fred & Charlie explore homosexuality, proving that it is a dangerous social aberration.


      Fred & Charlie - Boy Seducers (2:38)


Fred & Charlie tackle a 'tough topic' and prove conclusively that it's always the boy's fault.


            Fred & Charlie - Nursing Mothers (2:50)


Fred & Charlie attack Nursing Mothers for the sake of the public good.


(That's Barf-Lee)
Chief among the productions was the syndicated Barfly News. From his studios deep in the wilds of Spring Branch, Dirt Barfly presented the news underneath the news about the news behind the news. Stories you never heard anywhere else, stories none of the major media would touch....

The Barfly News
George Bush


  Knowing our president was very important then, not like now. This is the official Republican National Council version of W's Daddy's Life.

                    Clarence Thomas Bio (12:08)


When Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court, Barfly found out all about him, too.

                     Darryl Gates Bio Part 1 (11:51)   Once, he was LA's Police Chief for Life. How did he pull it off?
                           Darryl Gates Bio Part 2 (13:40)   We thought he'd stay forever....
                        President In Action Intro (3:48)   Who is this guy? President Inaction?
                     PIA Gets Qaddhafi (13:52)   Off to Libya with Captain Tornado to capture the most evil dictator in the world.
             PIA Goes to the Signing
  Philadelphia, 1776, Independence Hall. President In Action can do anything.
                        GB Takes the High Road (13:10)   Remember Campaign '92? How it changed all our lives? Well, this will refresh your memory.
                     GB's Flight Ban Violated (13:20)   See, Saddam isn't allowed to fly south of 32°. But what if he sent a plane full of orphan Bosnian girls?
  Ideas accepted. Sometimes. Is W really human? Most voice-synthesis software has been developed in Texas. Is that why he talks that way? We speak in a monotone to simulate robots. Are we closer to the truth than we realize....