Modern Civilization

June 13, 2000

Obviously y'all have not been reading between the lines, if you had, I wouldn't have to tell you about:

The history we didn't learn on the radio.

The 20th Century

The second half of the 20th Century was completely lost in an avalanche of propaganda which became so insidious it buried the first half. Thus, no rational statements can be made.

The first half, however:

The Industrial Revolution created mini economic states called industries within bloated imperialist states. The mini economic states put the screws to the people, the people revolted, destroying the mini industrial states and replacing the leadership of the outer imperial structure, then implemented State Capitalism.

The mini-industrial-states allied themselves with the imperialist state then revved up a war machine before the people had a chance to revolt.

Same as Fascism only democratic feedback functioned to slow the screws to the people derailing revolution momentarily. Then there was a war. Then another. Then another.

World War II was very big and destructive.

By the time it was over the Communist countries were so destroyed and war-weary that the people surrendered to the inevitability of State Capitalism .

The Imperial geography of the Fascist countries was overrun and occupied.

The Capitalist nations had themselves into Fascist look-alikes to match the successful Fascist war machine .They allied themselves with the surviving post-war Fascists, thus consolidating the industrial mini-states with the overall non-state-capitalist imperialist alliance.

These intricate and obvious conflations of accomplice states created a dynamic 'global' fascism which could support the emerging industrial commitment to war tools thus insuring an endless windfall of bloodFeast for the parasites and mutant fleas gnawing at the Dogs of War.

The Fascists, who had pioneered the art of electronic propaganda, used capitalist media to obscure the fact that they had won with an avalanche of propaganda, a necessary underpinning of the Orwellian dream-State.

The Orwellian dream-State sustains itself by propagating electronic media that produce de-facto "political" programming in a debate-like format to engage the people who occupy themselves in contentious soap opera media-strife, confusing their impulse to revolt.

What socialism?

See Socialism.

Apathy and Ambition

June1, 2000
The Great Fundamental Whopper Paradox

I think the human predisposition to apathy is one of the most powerful psychological forces wired into the mutant monkey, and, like all natural wiring, it is selected because it promotes survival.

Unfortunately, this observation offers little relief.

Headaches from years of banging walls reflect the struggle to break the helical bonds of mindless evolution. It's difficult work. Pulling a swing vote-load of soggy groundApes from the swamp, and loading them into your canoe, makes it that much more difficult to drag it behind you while hacking your way through a wall of human flesh.

Despite the mosquitos and gore, it's preferable to what you can catch at Social Darwinism's Public Bath as it overflows with upwardly mobile dysenterric Amoebas. And it's tough keeping your head above waters stirred incessantly by the eternal struggle to become the "Master Race".

Meanwhile back at the Masses, we share only the most stable, predictable part of our world with each other. A fact reflected in psychoBabble's definition of 'reality' as "That upon which most of us agree", which implies that individuals too unique to overlap are insane. That assertion is the terrible truth. Yet without departure, we are the empty, boring, domesticated walking dead.

The slightest talent for introspection reveals our own craziness. We know we are a little bit crazy. A lot crazy. Because we are.

Not all of us can enjoy the stability of pure rational consciousness and the unambiguous reasoning that beams from enlightenment to vision without casting a shadow. Those who can, become the vanguard of clarity, and the labor of their toil purifies their reason. They can stand before us and declare sanity, untainted by doubt or groundless speculation. Completely out of their minds.

These people are fucking DANGEROUS.

These are the sinister They are unfailing in their pious adherence to the latest ancient wisdom, another righteous set of badly translated intructions. It seems paradoxical because it is. These social distortions of the time-space continuum are evidence of a massive darkSpace object that lies at the exact center of the Universe, exerting mind crushing forces on everyone there.

It's the GREAT FUNDAMENTAL WHOPPER PARADOX, which is always capitalized and is a paradox of religious proportions. It assures that the great leaders of men are few and long between. Great leaders serve. They do not rule. And service always incurs sacrifice. Yet, human history proves that one only sacrifices in dire circumstance. These circumstances usually occur when there is no one around with the brains and guts to straighten it out. The exceptions are the heart of change, revelation and history. And none go unpunished.

So it is and always will be that we are ruled, not led, by those who seek power, and those who seek power do not serve. What they are is a matter of wide speculation and colorful debate. And so it is that the greatest fault is destined to lie at the pinnacle of power, and the weakest link is at the top where the wrong decisions are made for the worst reasons.

The GREAT FUNDAMENTAL WHOPPER PARADOX affects the lives of every player on every level down to the most invisible amongst the anonymous horde. We do not seek admission to the circles who welcome us. We slave to great ambitions, narrowly aimed at the most trivial consequence of human existence, and for this we sacrifice the most honorable endeavors of Man: love and time with family and the strength of cooperation and friendships undernourished or unborn. The GREAT FUNDAMENTAL WHOPPER PARADOX is our eternal undoing.

You can't escape it.

But if you recognize it, you can mute the constant roar that is the sound of broken hearts, the noise of angry men destroyed and the muffled wails of wounded survivors' pain.

As I was reading through a poignant lament to brothers fallen before the empty hand of apathy, the words unveiled one of the most insidious illusions ever to appear before me, projecting from the very heart of the GREAT WHOPPER PARADOX. It was this line of prose:.

' jeopardize the possiblity of ever being a respectable people or a civilized nation fit to mentor the world.'

If ever a nation were to emerge that was wise enough to mentor the world, that had survived destruction by the neighbors who still worship violence and see the world in shades of force, it would certainly resist the last temptation of Mentorship.

As we mentioned before, the citizens of such a nation are wise.

Yet it follows like gravity that all those who would assume the burden of mentorship are by that very action, proven unworthy.

They demonstrate another peculiar tragedy unfolding chaotically from the GREAT FUNDAMENTAL WHOPPER PARADOX.

They have allowed us all to glimpse the world they share with others, a world of light and depth and space, but without perspective.

They face the same impediments to perceiving an accurate image of the world as do men of wisdom, and even they are befuddled by anyone holding a mirror.

The person who would mentor the world, and is not one bit crazy will grasp the horns of the Mentorrama and apply whatever degree of force is necessary to harness the power of enlightenment.

This person's world that turns without perspective does not even reveal the great distance between himself and the guy who can get there from here.

While we live in such a world, that has not fallen into the order of its own perspective, we have no idea where we stand. We are condemned to forever fall short or run over everything we have agreed upon as our reality.

The harmony which flows from the natural order, once it is perceived and situated in perspective, eludes us, and the world seems to behave erratically, and the only consistency to emerge is the unfathomable laws of paradox.

It's a whopper and that ain't no shit.


Neuro-Urban Legend
June 20, 2000

Chapter One

>....a sister in Texas and her husband and two year old son,
>went on a weekend shopping trip across the
>Mexican border. The baby got free and ran around the corner. The
mother went chasing but the boy had disappeared. later, a man
approached the border carrying the boy. The mother ran to him.
> But the boy was dead. He was cut open, ALL of his insides
> removed and his body cavity stuffed with COCAINE. The man was
>going to carry him across the border as if he were asleep.
> A two-year-old boy, dead, discarded as if he were a piece of trash
> for somebody's cocaine.

> If this story can get out and change one person's mind about
what drugs mean to them, we are helping. >Please send this E-mail
> to as many people as you can.

>Ivan Overton ABC News System Specialist
>May God bless you and keep you in his loving embrace
>Betty "consecrated to God" Psalm 68:19
>Jean "God is gracious" Isaiah 40:31


NeuroMinistering the Urban Legend Gateway

Cracking The Priest

Because it is a story of a miracle. The kind of miracle that happens, these days, only in poor Catholic countries. Where only God still gives a shit about a people who have so little.

Despite the seeming lack of any resources or economic value from which to draw, every last grunion is torturously squeezed, extruded, and wrung from their worldly existence and human spirit which is rendered and Nafticated into the abstraction of currency, before they are discarded, as if they were a piece of trash, or a toxic industrial by-product dumped into the water supply for somebody's dividend.

Men and women of the border towns no longer die, they actually reach the point where they are fully extracted, and the empty, hollowed out husks suddenly collapse. When they hit the ground, they sort of poof open and then deflate. You must hurry to get a broom, because if there is a wind, there will be no proper funeral.


Now you must take the dried powdered remains to the local cocaine processing house and borrow a magnetic stir plate.

A priest is summoned, dried and cured.

Put 10% of the loved one aside, then put the remaining remains into a laboratory beaker and add equal volumes of H2O with magnetic stirring until the viscosity of the re-hydrating lovedOne solution stirred at 10,000 rpms with #3 stir bar allows the formation of a vortex.

Carefully observe the activity within the fluid vortex and when obvious signs of a fractally repeating infinity are observed through the vortex gateway, the stirring is reduced to 100 rpms and the solution is titrated with a mild acid, dropwise, until a neutral PH7 is reached.

A timer is set for 12 minutes and vigorous stirring resumed.

The Priest's Mass is taken on a proper balance, calibrated to take everything into account. .011 gms of cocaine hcl for every kilo of holyFather is weighed and placed aside. Now take up the remaining 10% lovedOne solids in aquaeous solution and stir in the cocaine hcl. Continue while sifting Baking soda into the solution.

The cocaine base will precipitate first, then you will see a crust of irregular crystalline lovedOne clinging tenatively to the insubstantial surface of the crude free-base coca. Quickly pour off the liquid and transfer the crude product into a 1/4" thin-walled glass tube bent at 60 degrees. Insert one end of the tube into the priest and heat the glass to C300+ to sublimate the free state lovedOne in the prescense of the gaseous coca base.

Molecular memory favors the loved one to bond at the alpha position on the b-ring without a catalyst. However, you may need to fix anodes on the intakes of non-Catholic clergymen, if one has been substituted for this procedure.

Continue this reaction until the timer sounds, taking care not to kill the priest.

An excess of hybrid coca-lyptic trypta-metric walla-walla bingBang has been synthesized as an intermediate that begins oxidizing inside the holyFather-vessel, which has been tested for celibacy, producing a holy organic transdimesional triple-rock neuro-trans-minister.

The contents of the first beaker containing the acidified lovedOne remains should have begun reddening, and the fleshly, life-like hue of mutilated flesh should be apparent when the timer sounds. Quickly check the priest for any temporal lag, mechanical end float or lash, which needs to be corrected following the calibration instructions in Lacidious 10:10 until his consciousness has been fully propelled into the edgewise temporal Now.

Jacking In

The priest must be splitting lanes in the white-knuckled fury of a spiritual neurominister, then jacked in to the heart of the trinity interface. He must proceed rapidly toward root-level primeval coding, traversing the simple paradox toll gates, decrypting and solving at the synaptic level just ahead of thought. Once the firewall is breached at the precise halfway point along the Heaven-Hell axis, he must pause to access the dualistic interface, from this vantage point, a simple prayer script unlocks barriers down the hierarchy which shield the assets of short players and welching tithe cheats that foolishly attatched themselves to the outermost points of stable materialism, where for eons they have repeated circular command loops that glitched in the moment of transition, cascading incomputable errors in a final, desperate 'maybe-you-can-take-it-with-you' function, un-corrected for infinite futility on the non-materialistic side of the equation.

The neurominister burns the interlocks to free the assets. Hopefully, these limbo derelicts and trans-spiritual grabber-barrens have provided enough precious and sacred materials to collect before the initial Hail Mary's have been acknowledged and the bargaining proceeds. The Priest and SacredHolyVirginMother must then cut a deal involving anything from metaphysical lamb's blood futures, to relative shares inside the more tangible concrete statue markets.

Everything is negotiable.

If the Neurominister succeeds in bargaining for the last rites mind-soul decryption algorithms, he reboots the loved one's operating system from this level, enabling extra-material awareness, then dumps and shortcuts out the analog interface to deliver the last rites before the swirling absolution in the beaker comes to a final rest. If he is too late, the loved one will not be saved, and will languish eternally among the wicked souls of sodomites, transvestites, femBullDykes, warmBudLites, termites, pimps, whores and all of the American evangelical operatives shot behind the ear by recently saved peasant converts who were carelessly over-exposed in the revelation process, receiving an excess of illumination that seasoned field intelligence personnel and veteran preachers know all too well as, "Seeing a little too much of the LIGHT"

The absolution in the beaker must now be taste tested..... if it is wine, that indicates a reverse transubstanciation, rare, except in the meta-hydroplasmic dynamics inside the backBlast of a succesfully launched metaballistic transitory which is counter-intuitively massive. If this is the case, the priest measures out shots of the 'wine of the loved one' for all present to partake in a final Communion send-off toast.

The proprietor of the cocaine processing house traditionally offers product to the celebrating mourners to substitute for the HOST wafers. The cocaine communion also allows the Priest, for the remainder of the send-off, to stave off the empty horror and faith-wrenching hollowness that is the mother of all crashes. It falls with the weight of all the Mass spoken and accelerated for 2 millenia per dimension per level, striking the center of holy being and causing a great gnashing of teeth, ringing of ears, quivering of hands, drying of mouth, cursing of everything, and hating of everyone.



It is not an easy matter for a simple Mexican bordertown priest to traverse dimentia, and multi-task uniquely manifested environments, striking a deal with a perpetual virgin ending up with any chemistry at all.

Consider the difficulty of determining where you stand bargaining contraband with the mother of many children who sites her first born as proof of an extraordinary duration of subsequent virginity. Obviously, the cards are not all on the table. He would not be the first to fall into timeless three dimensional befuddlement, where the dimensions are not at 90 degrees, and reality folds on different angles in the labyrinthe of Trinity-generated bible-space.

Even the fully-stoked penetrating accuity of a top fuel Neurominister can fail at any point. If the lovedOne absolution has not reverse-transubtanciated, the aromatic assault that a rotting hydrated flesh puree has on the palette is unpleasant. It tastes like eternal damnation following a short, bare subsistence in the decay of a Mexican bordertown.

Like rotten chicken and autombile exhaust.

to be continued

****The NRA Scouts****

June 5, 2000

The fatal flaws of the NRA have terrified gun-shy women and fogBound Liberals, alienating the majority. They have proven incapable of articulating the intention or necessity of the Second Amendment, and ultimately fail to hold the fence against stampedes of frightened livestock intermittently stirred up by the practitioners of mob rule, the engineers of a revolutionary, media-fed intrusion of a "New Interactive Constitution".

The New Interactive Constitution is a necessity in todays hi-tech Goebell Village serving the Public Relation needs of The NeWorldOrder for Virtual Reality in an Orwellian Environment.

Meanwhile, the NRA babbles on about hunting and home protection.


If the right to bear arms was not about a specific right of the people, it would not be in "the first and ten". If it were contingent upon the incidental infrastructure of militia, a hunting ordinance, or theft deterrent, it would not be in the 'first and ten'.

The right to bear arms, as well as the other subjects covered in the original, non-interactive CONST/BoRs are all about power, and who shall retain which ones in perpetuity.

We make sense of the world and all its infinite clutter by drawing meaning from the subject and its context. Look at the second amendment, then look at the context. The right to bear arms is, like all the others, a power assigned to one of the principles in the gov't balancing equation, in this case, the People, who are naturally at odds with the coercive powers of the ruling institutions. That is the subject of the context.


By focusing on the points of traditional tension, the FoundFat's created a model defining the fundamental elements of a Nation, where the interests of the elements were opposed, then placed them at odds with each other in a pre-stressed framework of constraints and obligations that compel future participants toward maintaining that balance.... The CONST/BoRs is that framework and defines the rules of engagement for major gov't functions, particularly constraints on modification of the framework. Messing with the framework threatens to upset the BALANCE of POWERs.


I have read Madison, Jefferson, Franklin and Adams, and a sideline full of the uppity pamphleteers, propagandists and delinquent ne'er-do-wells who dared turn on their 'betters', and betray their king for a sales tax we wouldn't bat an eye or read a lip for.

None of these writings bother to warn against the destruction of our Nation by foreign adventure, despite the fact that it was a time of intense
international intrigue, where central figures of the time were openly employed by foreign powers.

****FROM WHO ?****

The framers were obsessed with the idea that democracy would fall to the tyranny that grew from within, either in a sudden coup declaring martial law, or the gradual co-opting of the People's rights and powers by gov't. It was apparently decided that the encroachment of tyranny would slow in the face of a population that is fully armed and capable of a swift and competent revolt.

So any plea for gun control that calls for the banning of weapons useless for anything but manslaughter completely misses the point.

A point the NRA fails to address. The people have responded with the expected confusion. The NRA cast themselves as weirdo violent fantasy hardware fetishists, pointlessly infatuated with the symbol and the object of "the Gun", since they will not support their position with the simple revolutionary impulse that inspired the second amendment.


Jefferson believed that democracy would survive only within cycles of armed revolt, and his rhetoric is filled with bloody tyrants and swords, and the struggling Avatar of Liberty hacking his way through a wall of human flesh, dragging his canoe behind him. TJ saw about as much action as WC Fields. Which is good, you don’t want to throw a guy like TJ into cannonFire.


What we need is an actual NRA. What we have is a sanitized, government approved NRA, rattling sabers because they have the sense to hide the firearms in the hayloft. They make alot of noise and are ineptly successful at distracting the public, who believe some sort of debate is taking place. The debate amounts to re-negotiating the terms of surrender.

Since the NRA only sideswipes the fundamental premise of the 2nd amendment, with veiled references to gun prohibition necessary to a totalitarian system, they simply default to a high profile gun control advocate.


In a recent the article, the NRA spokesperson also describes the NRA as a "civil rights organization concerned about the rest of the Constitution" - not just the 2nd Amendment.

The idea that the NRA will not sell out on every point of liberty to bargain for the miserable tatter of Deer rifle appeasement they have managed to clutch in their defenseless clasping trigger-fingers, denies pretty much every move they make. Much of the credibility and prestige of the NRA relies on their support from Law Enforcement. This survives despite pseudo-radical "gov't jackBoot" rhetoric streaming from the top. Whatever its propaganda value, that assessment of WACO-Ridge is conservative.

The chicken-shits among the critics of WACO-Ridge are identified by the weight of responsibility laid at the army boots of Reno-Derby.

Reno-Derby is clueless, and like her boss, caves in to anything wearing a uniform. The chicken-shits avoid tarnishing their Ephrum-Zimballistic image of the Feds by blaming an idiot, but the FBI have been completely out of control since the fifties, and the ATF is apparently trying to play catch-up to the politically inspired media rendition of a perilous America. And you can bet they compete with each other with thousands of man hours investigating, infiltratng, perhaps operating within the NRA, because investigating domestic political organizations is what the FBI does.


The Law Enforcement bias of the NRA is constantly paraded before the public, whose concept of Criminal Justice is deduced by comparative analysis of "City Under Seige" and Barney Miller reruns. Every other word out of their PR machine is 'law abiding citizen' and where issues are gun-free, the ranken file are often outspoken in support of "courageous legislation" to "free the hands of Police" pursuing a criminal underworld poised to descend upon day care centers to seize, then sautee our children in cheap margarine and feed them to crocodiles.

Of course the primary impediment to the effectiveness of Law Enforcement has always been the Bill of Rights, so this is an auspicious alliance for Law Enforcement, and a sucker’s bet for NRA followers serious about conservative, comprehensive Constitutional advocacy.

I hate to rag on the Cops, but Criminal Justice, at its best, is still an adversarial system where Law Enforcement is in constant tension or completely at odds with Civil Liberty.


"The similarities in gun prohibition and drug prohibition
are striking and not lost on the current architects of
Libertarian Party platform."

The synergism of gun and drug prohibition are codified into laws, far greater than the sum of their parts. Even many fierce anti-drugWar activists, gun-lovers, and free-wheeling Libbertarions are unaware of the drug/gun backfire legislation that is already a decade old. One of the many casualties taken by the People when Federalists over-ran the State's previous jurisdictiom over criminal law enforcement.

It is at least one extra felony if a gun, which is legally owned, shows up in a search where drugs are found, even if it is a private home and there are no priors.

And if the Louisiana Highway Patrol Stalking Vehicle ambushes you on the way to the snow geese slaughter, and throws you to the Feds so they can keep your new, freshly seized, four door pick-up truck, after forcing a search that turns up a few joints, you'll get five, possibly ten years mandatory for a couple of hooters, whiteBoy.

Mandatory means you do NOT get your day in court, and telling it to the judge, if permitted, has the same effect as telling it to your cell-mate, which you will have plenty of time to do.


The laws against guns/drugs are UNBELIEVABLY totalitarian, no way they are legal, but try to find someone who is not Eric Sterling to give a shit for a minute.

The NRA was nowhere to be found in the stark silence of wordless protest that followed this calculated attack on the second amendment, when drugWar propaganda was at peak impact. These Constitutional assaults create felons serving mandatory hard prison time out of citizens in the act of a petty misdemeanor while exercising guaranteed rights to bear arms.

In more serious cases, adding five or ten years to already epic mandatory sentences, which question the wisdom of being taken alive, put the neighbors and cops in a warZone where previously there were only loud music complaints. This new dynamic creates the immediacy of nothing-to-lose, snap judgements for small chamge street-life who are packing a gun to keep them warm. Suddenly confronted with 10 years for second offense based on five rocks, and a Raven 25 semi-auto SNS in his boot.


......possibly Fifteen Years for a hundred bucks of contraband junk.


This REALLY REALLY sucks for the regular cop on the street, whose personal risk grows with every citizen whose arrest translates to a serious threat of death by prison-rot, hepatitus or aids. What the hell, why not try to point-blank sucker-shoot the cop with the Raven 25, and go for the hundred to one.


It screws everybody, because the SWAT team, flak jacket, gas grenade, perpetual teenaged hometown homophobic twisted psycho new-age soldierCOP paramilitary gang task force LOVES the idea that every civilian must be approached as a Mortal Combat character. From four directions, by five guys, in battle gear, with hammers cocked, and all those cool matt finish things hanging from velcro straps of Khaki jumpsuits... "we're a close knit urban battle team, and when we hit the streets, we don't fool around 'busting' people. We 'deploy' "

Able Baker Charlie Fuck you, too.

The trend suggests that more and more of these 'Mighty crimeWarriors' will be drawn to the job of police officer, and the traditional 'protect and serve' guys, who learn to nudge things around to keep the peace, will fade by attrition, or flee in disgust.

*****MI CASA, SU CASA*****

If so, it is the unmistakable prelude to an ironic welcome into the Future World Authoritarian Chaos-driven NeWorldOrder guarded by state terror, and enforced with great ferocity and no accountability by hotShots who represent the 1% of the population who own 95% of everything...

in other words...

the social model our foreign policy has fostered in the emerging world at great expense with remarkable success.

The prodigal political bastard son, who sailed to the East, and returned from the West...

...having circled the globe in death and hypocrisy, cutting out the infection of troublesome or surplus populations when called upon by the highest American ideals of opportunism, and a long tradition of dispatching the indigenous.

Or bringing the people to their knees, wherever they are needed in the mines.


When this one comes home to roost, you may not notice the jarring right turn until people begin to disappear. And when your inquiries about missing persons and relatives are answered with laughter and jeers by the New Local Police, the circle is unbroken. It went around, came around, and is Home again.


This is where you reflect upon steel tipped Teflon coated kevlar-piercing bullets. You previously joked, 'The deer in Springfield don't wear kevlar this time of year!!!'. They were pulled off the market at the request of Law Enforcement .

Once the gov't prohibits effective lethal ammunition, only the gov't will have effective lethal ammunition.

At this point our hero regrets having missed the obvious, and laments the absence of anyone committed to spelling it out for the short-sighted.

Somebody like, perhaps,



This scenario seems absurd to many, unlikely to some, inevitable to others. But all systems corrode, corrupt or eventually follow one of the infinite tributaries that converge at entropy and chaos.

Once the balance hits the stop, the second amendment will be entirely revoked, but the weapons have proliferated and small arms are part of the landscape. It takes centuries of progressive myopia to subvert a well thought out Constitution, and the second amendment provides the last resort that could help fuel pure dumb luck all the way through a popular revolt to a second Constitutional Convention.


So if one thinks of gov't as permanent or perpetually fixable, or that tyranny can be resisted entirely through non-violent means, the 2nd amendment is an unnecessary arcane loophole that directly contributes to the level of criminal violence in the US.


But some of us deny that an immovable temporal monolith could be placed into the flow of history, and others recognize that empires decay, and still others share the sentiments of the American Elder whiteBoys who suggested that the gov't they founded, will, at some point, have to be removed. THEY had to do the same thing. They likely expected the same of us, should the need arise.


It could be one of those real short EXTREMELY violent spontaneous outbursts. The French are fond of losing their heads in the period of one weekend of uncompromising frenzy, directly seizing the source of discontent, and proceeding swiftly to public forum where the issues are summarily bisected, and laid open for public discussion and approval. Very Populist and crowd pleasing and goes right to the heart of Class Struggle, which can be a real sudden pain in the neck for some, for about 8 seconds.


Could be one of those long, drawn-out guerrilla civil wars, in which case, the revolutionary forces would form locally, probably in areas surrounding armories. Significant armed services crossover is obviously necessary in this scenario, if the tree of liberty were to be watered with the blood of tyrants. The alternative is a chainsaw massacre.

what is the word for those?
oh yeah,


Find a comparable demographic territory on this planet where FEWER people are machine-gunned by seventeen year olds.

Look around....

What you will find is that being mowed down by a seventeen year old with an automatic rifle, and a seemingly unlimited supply of WINCHESTER ammunition, is the leading cause of death for seventeen year olds and up in many parts of the world. Look where the fury of Humanitarian interventions have struck with thunderous and frightening humanity.


The last time there was prohibition in this country, we lost our access to automatic weapons, which is just the sort of distinct disadvantage that amounts to the balance of Power being sacrificed to unenforceable, badly conceived encroachment of state power over the private affairs and commerce of its citizens, and the Fear Mongering tactics necessary to inflate such nonsense.

****BUT....... WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN???!!!***

When little Scout is old enough to ask daddy what the assault rifle is for, daddy might arrogantly and subversively reply, "The gun is for shooting cops, Scout.... but we pray we never have to use it"

Scout will be confused and shaken by daddy, as usual, and make her way quietly to Mommy, and ask, " Mommy, is the AK-47 really for shooting cops?"

And Mommy will reply, "Of course not, Scout. The AK-47 is a promise that our gov't makes to all of us, that we will never have to do that. As long as we have our AK-47, there should never be any need for it."

"But, Mommy. What if someone tries to take it?"

"That's what these are for, Scout."

"What are those, Mommy?"

"Hand Grenades"


"The way things are going, I don't think it would be wise to give up any more second amendment rights"

-Jerry Brown


"Just don't be the proverbial idiot who brings a gun to a hand grenade fight"