UNITY PARTY gives in to demands for a PEOPLEs DEBATE!!!!

The Unity Party, in cooperation with DEBATE Inc. a subsidiary of UStheFOLKs Radio and PuppetMongers, has suspended the BUSH 'limits on Freedom' guidelines to allow the long awaited, all inclusive BUSH_GORE_NADER_BUCHANAN debate. . UStheFOLKs has been chosen to host this debate in hopes that it remain obscure. Please do your part in publicizing this rare event, before it's too late!!!

Click Here to access the Debate in REAL audio

As theFederal Presidential Annointment Ceremony approaches, the Coronation Commitee is making a final desperate attempt at promoting credibility for shuffling the three card mantel of power that holds the entire world hostage to its peculiar forms of Frimarkit Liebensraum and Justiss for all.

Reguardless of the outcome, the entire world holds its breath, as the firm hand of US Foreign Militancy holds their heads beneath the water.

But the US does not hope to fool a not-THAT-stoopid International Community with this token of democracy. It is for the benefit of the second largest armed force in the global arena, a force which is the supreme expression of absolute integrated indoctrination, the domesticated civilian population of the United States.