...are not who they say they are, they are acting. Daddy's abuse is edited in, and yes, Caitlin really IS a little girl. Three years old when we did the following pieces, which send the right message to our children about DRUGS!!!

These short Radio excursions pissed off more people than we'd anticipated, while simultaneously generating a rabid fan base. This suggested a direct hit on the target nerve, and also, that more people abuse their kids than we thought.

......Caitlin & Daddy....
  ''97 dickArmy   There really IS such an Army in TX
  ''98 Talkin To Me?   Attitude, samples from Ornette Coleman

The first entry on this page was recorded 8bit onto a Mac Plus system 6 through the mike on the front of the computer. Gradually my hardware and software improved, and I learned a bit about sampling and mix. But I don't know if I ever came up to the quality of Caitlin's act, which she nailed right from the start. We did many of these and I will rotate them through this page.


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