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Build your own presidential debate!
Now you can add Nader to the debates! Here's your chance to stump Gore and Bush with Nader and Buchanan. Become an informed voter. Vote for Nader.

NEW 10/20/00
Ralph Nader speaks in Houston
His speech is filled with the kind of information none of the other candidates is willing to deal with.... Corporate welfare, prison-industrial complex, the drug war, campaign finance reform. Don't vote without hearing this.

UStheFOLKsTangledWeb Audio* New Stuff
Satire. No beating around the Bush here, the Bush whacker is a Texas Chainsaw at the State's #1, pull 'em up by the roots site...... Speeches mangled, radio stuff, weird sci-fi low blows and exquisite rage...

UPDATED 6/28/00

New Feature!
Excerpt on Columbia from Noam Chomsky's speech at Kent State, May 4 2000. Assorted essays on US taxpayer's escalation of the bloodbath in.....

UPDATED 7/04/00

UstheFolks is on the air
Live365 streaming Mike Males and selected short subjects....

Allan Nairn Speaks
in first person about US-backed Death Squad Democracies and Dictatorships which evolve throughout the Third World with remarkable similarity. The Last Westerner alive in East Timor last summer where the Indonesian military pumped American bullets into civilians, for the second time, a third of the population is slaughtered.....

UPDATED 5/23/00

New Feature!
New Word Order

The pen is mightier than the word, but a keyboard is played like a drum. Veteran USENET Flamewarrior takes on the State, theMinistry of Free and Independent Media, and the NeWorldOrder.
UPDATED 7/02/00  

UStheFOLKs cancelled RadioShow Archive
Gems from the show that started as 'We the People', with Otis Hardy Maclay. Later fell victim to...

The Dumpster cancelled RadioShow Archive
dumpLine Edition and Krisis in Kosovo series ranks with the best Media News Parodies anywhere. The Media Music mangling, voice tampling, and sound effects are prime examples of how he has made these techniques entirely his own. Riding out the last gasp of the 'after midnite' madness that roared for twenty years from KPFT......

Caitlin & Dadd
Born and raised on UStheFOLKs cancelled radioShow. The resillience of children and triumph of spirit are where Caitlin and Daddy begin. Together they kick the teeth from the jaws of intolerance and ignorance. Even among Pacifica's jaded audience, they pissed a lot of people off, while drawing the most hard core fan base of any semi-fictional characters to mutate from the ravings at the edges of Houston's renegade

SoundLinks: Links to offsite Audio Files of interest....

The bravest Man I Never Met
One New Years Eve, Frank Rizzo was Mayor, and I was being attacked by Philadelphia Police. This was no coincidence. Suddenly, one officer headslamming me into a carHood. I used this moment of lax to...moved away to check an alarm, the other turned to look, after ...

The Basket Case
Melinda's Web Page for her zine, The Basket Case. She does imaginative cooky stuff. Now she's gotten into Flash movies....

The Price of Betrayal
...he is the cynic in residence at UStheFOLKs, with Otis Hardy Maclay, which...

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is on the road and single handedly fills the video void as the only source of relevant information being consistently videotaped in the United States. His JusticeVision project offers members eight 6hr videotapes a year. The tapes chronicle the most recent orations by Chomsky, Parenti, Zinn, Dugger, and the many luminaries and grass roots activists with the guts to confront the awesome intelligence and enforcement agencies protecting the National Security State. Send emale to join, he sends you a tape, you send him 5 bucks, and so on.